Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Earthlings..Do we care?

Last week, i have watched a documentary, Earthlings.. what i can say.. Its so frightening! so watch it. And you'll know what actually happened to your beef, chicken and etc. before they become your tantalizing meal! The behind scene...

is a documentary about human dependence on animals for pets, food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation. The film first explains the word Earthling.

earth-ling n. One who inhabits the earth.

This includes every living thing. The film then explains the word Speciesism. The term speciesism is a bias for ones own species over others. Although humans are different from other animals we are still earthlings. This means we still require the same basic needs. Examples were food, water, companionship, freedom of movement, and avoidance of pain. Sameness among all earthlings. With racism, sexism, and speciesism, one category of beings is suffering at the hands of another. The film reveals that owning pets is a more complicated thing than most owners realize. Pet stores acquire most of their dogs from cruel puppy mills even when they do not know it. Due to owners neglecting their pets by not spaying or neutering them there are astronomical amounts of homeless and disease ridden domesticated animals around the world. The film was unable to be entered into award ceremonies because all of the commercials supporting channels are non-vegan and campaigning against animal rights.

What can I conclude about this documentary is that, i'm not really agree what actually the message that the producer want to deliver to the audience. The message is that : STOP EATING MEATS, AND BE VEGEE. ( sorry to the vegees, i dont have any intention to condemn :) peace no war) Yes, you could encourage the people to avoid the meats, but do we solve the problems? We are actually running away from the problem.. What about the animals? Are they can still escape from the violency of the irresponsible actions of the human beings? So, think it, and make a wise judgement.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The part and parcel of 'she' 's life

The day she started her life after nine-month sleeping in her mother's womb was in December 12th 1991 when the world was suffering a deep recession, where the prices of goods and services escalated, affected most of the world citizens in surviving their daily lives. While on the other hand, it was not a really hard time for this couple, a husband and wife as the birth of their 5th child much like a heal to the burden and brought a light of happiness to the family even though they were bearing the other four kids which the eldest was only six year old.

The girl, however, showed an unusual character when she was a baby as she whimpering and weeping oftenly without any reason. Her eyes were all the time wetted by tears until she being called as The Princess of Tears in the family. As she was born in the recession time, she never even saw herself as a baby in any family photos which the reason of her mom was that the camera had been stolen , and yet they would not afford to buy a new one. As a result, she could not know how her baby face look alike which continuously never dry from the tears and mucus. She would only know from the description of her mom, when she ever asked her mother one day "Mom, am i 'comel' when i was a baby?" And her mom replied with a slight smile on her lips " You're not 'comel', but you're comot" That is all she knows about her past time as a baby. She was 'comot'.

Day after day, she grew up. She was sent by her parents to a neighborhood kindergarten which was only a stone throw from the house. It was the place she learned the actual ABC and 123. Before she only knew from her kindergarten teacher, her father himself has taught her a very good ABC that nobody ever heard before. So the first day she came to the class, her teacher asked "Does anyone here has learned the ABC ?". She raised her right arm with a finger directed up in a highly spirit of a child. "I know!" She started, " ABC keladi hutan, tikus mati kucing makan," she sang the ABC proudly as that was the first ABC she knew from her father. The teacher burst into laughter while the other children were just numb with their blurred faces as they were innocent children, did not know anything. Since then, she knew that her father had taught her a completely wrong ABC! What a naive and pity child. As this is now becomes a really funny history in her family.

Since she was a child, her mother and father had educated her with the other five siblings with pleasant values and good manners religiously. As this , when she grew older, it became an important principal that she would hold it throughout her life. Her parents 'cultivated' their six children to work independently since they were still very young. As a matter of fact, her clothes were never ironed by her mom, her school shoes were never washed by anyone and her school books were wrapped by herself where the other children on her age were still dependent on their mom..Mommy, mommy and all were done by mommy. Only that she knew how important a parent to be good in bringing up their children. It became a crucial habit, which is to be independent on herself until she was becoming a teen.

As the year passes by, she learned many things. She learned about life. She would frequently ask herself ' Where am I come from? Why am I bring here to live on this earth? And where am i going after this? ' All these questions taught her to think about life, and the answers told her the meaning of itself which is for her, life is just temporary and the human are doing their best for the sake of happiness in the hereafter. This principal would always be a reminder and motivation for her to be the best in her life. Not to forget, her father was the one who much influenced the way she thought, influenced her in a good way as he was a real superb father who successfully brought up his kids in understanding the reality of life. Whereas, for her, life is about achieving success, and a success is not about money or proud with the nobility of oneself, but, it is about the morality and personal qualities as a human being who supposed to be the vicegerent on the earth. These are all become the part and parcel of her life, and she (who must not be named, hehe, Voldemort) was named by Syarifah Zulaikha.

Which one is she? guess it..